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What is the Shipping and Paying Process?

It's Simple ! You send us your product to be coated in a stable box, via a prepaid courier of your choice. you enclose a packing slip ( very important) as to what you want done, your name, your address and phone number. When your product is done, we will call you and ask for the form of payment such as your Visa number. ( if you do not have a Visa you can ask on your packing slip for us to call with a price and you can send a money order or certified cheque.) When paid, we will send your product back to you via the same courier you used collect in the same box.

How Long Does It Take?

It really depends on what is happening in Calgary and area. With things like the World of Wheels in town it may take up to 2 weeks. If nothing is happeningyou should receive your order back within a 6 or 7 days or so. If your in town you could most likely pick them up in 3 or 4 da

Do they have to be new?

No, Any of our coatings can be done on used product, although if its rusted or in need of cleaning or blasting a charge for that service will apply.

What about chrome products?

We can coat chrome products providing the chrome is of quality. We can mask off your chrome and coat the rest of the product but again it must be of quality or it
will flake off. the chrome should not be burnt or blue if you want a warranty.


Ceramic warranty: On headers and such, our warranty is a life time warranty against our workmanship. If you burn the ceramic ( such as headers running to rich ) you leave your headers grey, if this happens you have no warranty, but the thermbarrier is still working you only burnt the shine. Powder coating warranty: We guarantee your powder will not rush or flake do to our workmanship.

How do I clean Ceramic?

When your headers and such come from our shop they have a shine, but if you like you can always intensify the shine by using AutoSol or Mothers, any metal polish will work and is available at most auto supply stores such as Andy's Unlimited Performance - in Calgary


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