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Fastener Class Policoat

Developed to withstand the harsh chemical environment found at petrochemical drilling sites Policoat protects fasteners against a broad spectrum of chemicals and corrosives. Economically desirable on steel bolts and nuts, this coating will not chip or peel. resists oxidation, withstands extreme temperatures ( from -420F to +600F ), fights hydrogen embrittlement, allows nuts to be removed easily ( nut will not freeze ) and the fasteners to be reused.

The " stainless steel " Alternative

Industries subjecting fasteners to extreme conditions have often been forced to use stainless at high costs to solve their problems. Policoat coated fasteners will survive normally devastating conditions and are now being specified by industry as an alternative to stainless - at greatly reduced costs.

Petrochemical Industry Policoat for Tubing and Rods

Coating tubing and rod with Policoat produces the ideal permanently impregnated, slippery ( but tough ) suface for the release of paraffin and GIP, helping to prevent buildup which means longer production life, reduced maintenance frequency and down time. Meanwhile, at the same time Policoat is also protecting expensive parts from the corrosives found in the nastiest wells including H2S and C02, extending their production life while cutting replacement cost and frequency, applied as a thin, non chip film to the ID of tubing as well as to the rod, Policoat imparts long wear characteristics to metal on metal wear surfaces, providing a long term permanently bonded lubricant film. Policoat - the space age tool for modern industry.

Galvanizing vs. Policoat



Galvanizing, a thick zinc coating process which embrittles metals and alloys endagering their strength. Thick coating builds up in threads often requiring weaker oversized nuts and retapping of threads.
Galvanized fasteners fail completely in severely corrosive conditions.
Torqued fasteners are over stressed at threaded end since most of torque is used up overcoming friction.
Galvanizing process uses caustic tanks and chemicals hostile to the environment.



Policoat process will not embrittle or harm metals. Typically applied at .001' thickness, Policoat will not clog or interfere with threads, allowing normal nuts to be used.
Policoat provides much greater corrosion protection in more hostile environments than galvanizing, cad or zinc plating.
Policoat contains materials with the lowest known coefficient of friction allowing even torque loading along the fastener and a reduced toque spec.
Policoat is a Dry film coating applied by a proprietary process that is not environmentally hostile involving no tanks or caustic baths.

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