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Bonded Thin Film Corrosion Protection

Lowest Friction For Wear Surfaces

Policoat contains materials with the lowest known coefficient or friction - as low as 0.02 at pressures as high as 4000,000 psi. This means extended service life and reduced wear of metal surfaces, plus the unsurpassed release of foreign material, preventing buildup and blockage.

Corrosion Resistant in Most Environments

Policoat has near total chemical interness and has survived tests unaffected by 15% Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) at 2,000 psi for 24 hours ( see chart ). Greater corrosion protection in more hostile environments than galvanizing, Cad or Zink Plating. Thin Film Bonding Policoat can typically be applied from .0007" to .001" and will not interfere with most component tolerances or precisely fitted parts.

Wide Temperature Operating Range

From -420 F to +600 F Policoat is extremely resistant to weather, sunlight (UV), salt water and road chemicals.

Permanently Bonded Lubricant Film

Provides permanent lubrication for tapped metal bushings and shaft which don't receive adequate lubrication, or are difficult to access or service. Coating with Policoat wil greatly extend the service life of parts and help prevent corrosion and seizing.


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